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Think Success to Create Success
by Jafree Ozwald



"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts, we make the world." —Buddha


Your thoughts create your reality. What you think about grows because that is where you focus your energy. Everything that exists today was once a thought in somebody's mind. This thought became reality through taking action in a focused way.

So in order to create success in the world, we must first develop thought patterns that are aligned with our vision of success. A human mind generates approximately 60,000 thoughts per day, and many of them are the same thoughts as yesterday. How many new thoughts do you have per day?

Do you spend your time recycling the same old thoughts... or do you continuously fill your mind with new ideas? In order to bring about positive change in your life, you must create new empowering thought patterns in your brain.

Old thoughts just create the same old thing... while new thoughts can create success in any area of your life. What thoughts are currently controlling your life?

Do you know what you spend the most time thinking about?

If you are dissatisfied with some part of your life or some personal habit or behavior, you must first become aware of the thought patterns that are creating your current state of dissatisfaction.

Most people are not aware of their thoughts... and do not realize that they have the ability to change their thought patterns at any moment. You can easily shift any mental pattern if you truly desire change and take the necessary action steps.

Below, I have outlined a process that allows you to gain awareness of your mental chatter, and to shift into supportive beliefs and thoughts.

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There are basically two movements of consciousness:
Love and Fear.
Love is allowing what is and fear is resisting it.
Those are the two possibilities in every moment.


The Real Secret!
Faster Manifesting Technique Tip:

Know that your FEELINGS (what you are truly vibrating out into the world) plays a very significant role in HOW QUICKLY you manifest your desires and attract back to you...

When you are "thinking" about what you wish to desire, don't forget to also "feel" what it would feel like as if you already had that desire in the present moment of NOW!

Putting yourself in the present feeling-moment of actually "HAVING" that which you desire, literally puts you in the actual "VIBRATING STATE" in essence of, YOU ALREADY HAVE" - this is the "stuff" that goes out and ATTRACTS back for you!!! Focusing and feeling on "WHAT YOU WANT" brings that back for you - it is universal law!

Once you get this... you will manifest much more easily and quickly!

FEELINGS are the "ACTUAL FUEL" which really drive what you desire and are wishing for to manifest much more quickly.

ie: It won't matter how much you desire something or try to think something into manifestation if you continue to "feel" the same way as if "not having it"...

If you continue to FEEL LACK" or that which is missing or you don't have in your life, you will continue to attrack that lack back to you.

Switch how you're feeling and you will attract that which you feel and think... Think about it!

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Weekly action steps to success!


1. Find out what thoughts are flying around in your mind by writing down all of your thoughts for the next three to four days. Buy a small notepad and keep it with you at all times. Then, jot down your thoughts as they occur. This is an amazing exercise because it allows you to obtain a clear picture of your mind.

2. Observe how your thoughts have created your present reality. Examine something that you have accomplished in your life, and notice what thoughts you used to make this happen. Here is a personal example to illustrate this exercise. Margot and I ran the Bolder Bolder 10k race last year. In order for this to occur, we created thoughts such as "I know I can easily run 10K". We also used thought patterns to help us get outside and train for the Bolder Bolder. Some of these thoughts were "I feel great when I run", and "My legs are automatically moving forward". While we were training, we would say these sentences over and over to ourselves, and one day they became automatic. Since Margot was a teenager, she had a completely different mental pattern around running that supported the idea that she was a terrible runner, and was not capable of running in any race! As a result of the reprogramming, she did not walk or stop during the entire race! Even if you have a negative thinking pattern for years, it will change when you decide to change all thought patterns around this part of your life.

3. Take your list of thoughts and separate them into two columns; one that supports your goals, and one that does not help you create your dreams.

4. Take the list that does not support you, and rewrite these thoughts into positive ones. For example, "I am unorganized" would be shifted to "I easily organize everything in my life". Language is important when re-writing these sentences. Remember to use the present tense, and avoid using the future tense.

5. Prioritize the list of new thoughts in order of importance. Which new thought would have the most positive impact on your life? What part of your life do you want to shift first?

6. Take the top choice, and begin to integrate it into your life. The best way of doing this is by creating reminders that can help your mind focus on the new thought. Develop visual reminders by writing your new thought on a card, and posting it around your house or/and office. You can also enlist a friend to help remind you of the new thought form that you are creating. You can ask him or her to notice if your communication reflects any of the old unwanted thoughts, and then gently point this out to you. Sometimes we are operating under the influence of old patterns without even being conscious of it due to deeply ingrained habits. Please remember to choose a friend who knows how to communicate with love and compassion. When learning something new, it is important to surround yourself with supportive people who do not tear you down if you unconsciously fall back into old patterns.

7. Applaud yourself for each step you take towards making your new thought an integral part of your thinking patterns. Be gentle with yourself if you find yourself reverting back to old thoughts. Remember that it sometimes takes time to shift and that's OK.

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